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Why choose hypnolinks?

By selecting hypnolinks as your hypnotherapy provider you will be able to take advantage of over 25 years of experience of working within the NHS. This has been with patients and people from all walks of life who have made positive changes to their lives.

As a clinical nutrition and dietetic specialist I have enabled people to radically reshape their lives and take positive steps to achieve realistic goals...

Now, as a practicing hypnotherapist, I can help you access all the skills and motivation you need to build a better future for yourself.

Our aim together is simple – to enable you to get where you want to be and make those changes in your life that you truly want to achieve.

Working together is such a successful way. Here are what some clients have discovered and said:

“...you have given me so much reassurance about how possible it is to make small changes but gain so much from doing that and I wouldn’t feel like the ‘odd one out’”

“...I’d just resigned myself to not being able to go on holiday again. No one told me till you did that I am in control of my life and that together we will work on strategies to manage the problems…so the problems won’t control my life!... I feel so much better already!”

“I was really worried that you were going to give me a whole list of do’s and don’t’s and I’m stressed out already without having new stuff to cope with as well.” I’m really glad I came to see you ...you have helped to put me at ease already...

“You’ve really made me feel so much better and calmer by helping me see that there are different ways to manage... and the flexible approach you’ve talked about makes me feel like it wont be a problem at all.”

“Small steps, not giant leaps is what you told me when we last met and I remember that whenever I get frustrated with myself.”


Take the first step now and contact hypnolinks for your confidential initial free consultation or to find out if hypnotherapy is for you.

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